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With your pregnancy coming to a close, we are glad that you consider stem cell banking as one of the essential preparation for your newborn.

Rich in stem cells, cord blood could one day save the lives of your loved ones. A precious gift that would otherwise be discarded, cord blood derived stem cells are proven source of treatment for various medical conditions such as leukaemia and lymphoma. Researchers worldwide are also studying the potential application of umbilical cord blood stem cells in treating disorders like Austin and Cerebral palsy, giving families more reasons to store umbilical cord blood stem cells for future use.

We understand that stem cell banking is a personal decision that should be made with full understanding of the current and potential lifesaving possibilities. We hope we will help you for decision on making this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Just like the parent and child bond, we at Globira, are with you for the long haul. Having been entrusted by thousands of families across the nation we are confident that we have the right expertise and experience to help you take care of your baby’s stem cells. At the end of the day, we are here to give hope and save lives.

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Top reasons why you should consider banking your  baby’s cord blood

stem cell service

  1 in every 200 people may need to use his or her stem cells in a lifetime.

  60% higher chance of locating a matching cord blood unit in the family versus bone marrow.

  1 of the top 10 common cancers in India, Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, is a stem cell treatable disease.

  2 of the top 5 most common childhood cancers in India, leukaemia and lymphoma, are treatable with stem cells.

  In the case of cellular therapy and regenerative medicine, only the patient’s own stem cells can be used in the treatment for best result. Clinical trial for Autism is the latest development.

  A readily available supply of stored haematopoietic stem cells. This compares well to having to do a national or international search which costly and time-consuming in an already critical situation.

  No risk of Graft vs. Host Disease (GvHD) for autologous transplanted tissue attacks the patient’s own tissue.

  Umbilical cord blood stem cells are younger, and are more tolerant to tissue mismatches, compared to other sources of stem cells, e.g. bone marrow.

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Payment Plan For 21 Years Client Agreement

(including enrolment and
documentation fees)
₹ 6,490
₹ 6,490
₹ 12,390
₹ 45,110
₹ 3,925
₹ 1,785
₹ 51,600
₹ 53,590
₹ 55,230
₹ 6,490
₹ 6,490
₹ 27,410
₹ 2,475
₹ 33,900
₹ 36,190
₹ 6,490
₹ 6,490
₹ 12,390
₹ 56,500
₹ 4,955
₹ 2,440
₹ 62,990
₹ 65,950
₹ 70,950
CB + EXPLANT™ One-time ₹ 6,490 ₹ 1,33,500 ₹ 1,39,990
CB + EPICORD™ 50M One-time ₹ 6,490 ₹ 2,83,500 ₹ 2,89,990
CB+ EPICORD™ 500M One-time ₹ 6,490 ₹ 5,47,010 ₹ 5,53,500