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Benefits of Being a Member
1. 84 Lab Test Twice in a year {Liver Function Test (LFT): 11 Tests, Lipid Profile (Cholesterol): 8 Tests, Renal Profile (KFT): 5 Tests, Pancreatic Profile: 2 Tests, Electrolytes - Sodium, Chloride: 2 Tests, Thyroid (T3, T4, TSH): 3 Tests, Iron Deficiency: 3 Tests, Diabetic Screen: 5 Tests, Complete Blood Picture (Hemogram): 28 Tests, Cardiac Risk Markers: 5 Tests, Vitamin Tests: 12 Tests}
2. Dental X-Ray
3. Diabetic Test Monthly
4. Vaccination (Child), ANC and PNC Check up
5. Regular check up (BPI, Sugar, Dental, Eye Check up)
6. Dengue test
7. Chikungunya Test
8. Dr. Consultation
9. ECG Check up
10. Nursing Service
11. Ambulance Service (5 Km radiance)

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